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The Golden Land - Media Release

The Golden Land

The latest bestseller from Australia’s most popular author, Di Morrissey

Family and conscience. Money and marriage. The Golden Land is a story built upon classic themes in a modern Australian dimension. It powerfully brings together tragedy and trauma on both public and personal scales.

Di Morrissey skilfully explores the little known, troubled history of Burma through a contemporary story of an ordinary Australian family facing all too recognisable hardships.

The Golden Land contrasts the truth about Burma against some truths about our own golden land, Australia. Di Morrissey’s superb sense of setting and the connection with the characters rings true in every scene, showing the integrity, strength and complexity of her writing.

The historic and present day connections between Burma and Australia are gently woven throughout the plot with the settings mixing the exotic with the contemporary.

Natalie is a truly sympathetic heroine; sometimes naïve, but always strong and loving, a devoted young mother forced to make tough decisions. Natalie’s journey, both physically and emotionally, changes her outlook on life, and it is a journey readers will be glad to share.

The Golden Land by Di Morrissey is published by Macmillan Australia on Tuesday 23rd October, 2012 RRP $32.99

Di Morrissey is one of the most successful writers Australia has ever produced. With sales of over several million copies, she is consistently in the top of the bestseller lists, with each book outselling the previous one. In 2011, she celebrated the milestone achievement of 20 years in publishing – that’s 20 books in 20 years! Her twentieth novel, The Opal Desert reached #1 on the overall bestseller lists.

Di Morrissey’s books have touched the hearts and emotions of readers around the world. She writes about personal relationships, the environment, Aboriginal reconciliation, identity and Australia’s relationship with its South East Asian and Pacific neighbours. All her novels are inspired by a particular landscape.

“It’s through popular fiction that an author can illustrate and bring understanding to sometimes unpalatable and difficult circumstances. Entertainment and an association with characters and place, can shine a light onto a subject which a reader might never have imagined having any interest in, or being deeply touched by. I hope Australians will feel, as Natalie did, that Burma is a truly golden land of beautiful people.” Di Morrissey, 2012

For all media enquiries please contact Jace Armstrong at Pan Macmillan on 02 9285 9114 or 0414 832 454 or email jace.armstrong@macmillan.com.au

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